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Issues with running Spotify on Windows 10

Issues with running Spotify on Windows 10

A few weeks back, I could run Spotify with no problems. I'm a premium customer with a family account. All of a sudden, Spotify timed out when I attempted to load the website and the program on my windows 10 PC refused to log me in.

Have run multiple diagnostic checks and ruled out my internet connection and computer/modem settings as the culprit. Turning off my firewall makes no difference. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the spotify program multiple times (from the version saved in my downloads file as I cannot access the website. It is constantly timing out and coming back with a 'did not respond' message. When I attempt to sign in using facebook, nothing happens. When I attempt to sign in using my email address, the program seems to crash.

I tried downloading the version from the Windows store. Same deal. 

I can only play spotify through the online player. Everything else fails to respond, won't log me in and refuses to function!

Surely I can't be the only person to have this problem?? But I can't see any solutions to these issues! Everything worked perfectly fine a month ago!

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