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Launch Spotify from Keyboard media button

Launch Spotify from Keyboard media button

Operating System

Windows 10 

Logitech Wave (K350) keyboard


My Question or Issue

I have searched and googled until I am blue in the face. Is there  away to assign the media 'music' button on my keyboard to launch Spotify instead of Microsoft Media player.  

I have seen the options to edit the registry, which I am not proficient with.  I have seen the answers to assign .mp3's to spotify, which doesn't seem like a well rounded answer if i want to also utilize an .mp3 player for other files.


I have found the spotify.exe file in: c/users/'name'/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApp/...

However it does not allow me to use the program file for anything.


Is there an updated fix for this that can be used?

As a side note, I am able to control volume and play buttons for spotify.  I am only trying to reassign the music button to launch spotify.  Thanks

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