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Lbrary and Play List


Lbrary and Play List

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I have bee adding my to my acount.  I test sofware /  hardware / website services and suppoty/  I was not happy with Google Music when they gave it to me and returned it


I have a Windows 8 64bit laptop, a 2 (two) Windos 7 Ultimate 32bi PCt. a Windows 8 64bit PC. Windows 8 Mobile Phone, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and a Samsung ohone -


It seems all the songs are in the libary, but I have them in Playlist.  Do they need to be in both places  Or is that taking up too much memory?


Thank you1

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Re: Lbrary and Play List

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Library is just a catalogue of all the tracks spotify sees, whether they are local files you own or tracks included in playlists you have created. A playlist is just a container of links to the tracks you have included in it. Music only takes up storage space if it is physically present on your device, either as a local file or as a downloaded track.


Hope this helps.