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Like a whole playlist

Like a whole playlist

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I am after a button to like an entire playlist. This already exists for an entire album but not for a playlist. I basically want to combine all my playlists into my liked songs section and it will take ages to do eah song individually.


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Hi there @BigBoiBill,

hope you're doing well !


A playlist/album can be added to your libary as saved albums/playlists by clicking on the "Heart" sign on top of the page.


The "Liked Songs" section contains specific songs you liked and does not have the option of adding an entire album/playlist to it.


Hope this makes any sense to you 🙂

Hey mate the"heart" symbol only exists at the top of albums and I would like it there for playlists.

Sorry to add to this, the heart sign to like a playlist exists for other peoples playlist but not your own. I would like the heart sign for my own playlists.

Hi there @BigBoiBill,


The "Heart" sign does not exsists for own created playlists.

You can reach the "Ideas" section of the community, post your suggestion and have users around the community add their +VOTE and comments to promote it.


Have a great day 🙂

I am also running into this problem as Spotify keeps unliking songs, so I have to relike random songs in playlists all the time.


I just dragged the contents of my playlist into my 'Liked Songs' using the desktop version of Spotify. It appears the 4 or so songs that were not liked, are now liked.


Hope that makes sense, and that it works for you. Super dumb that we have to use this as a work round. 

Awesome!  This worked for me!  Hope we will get to see a feature to do this in the mobile app!!


Thank you so much!

You can also select all (select top, shift, scroll down and select last item), right click, and add to liked songs on spotify


You can Ctrl + A to select all to avoid scrolling for minutes on long playlists.

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