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Liked song appears as unliked in daily mix playlist

Liked song appears as unliked in daily mix playlist







Lenovo Legion Y520 15IKBN

Operating System

Windows 10 Home

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The song 'Gutted' by Burial I liked a while ago, and is saved to my library.


I was listening to a Daily Mix and the song appeared in my Daily Mix, however the icon next to the song was the unfilled heart, meaning it's available to "like/save", right? But it's already in my library? 


Confusingly, the "Now Playing" mini-window on the bottom left of the screen showed the song with the "filled" heart icon alongside it, indicating (correctly) the song is already in my library.


Not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour but either way it is confusing.


Anotated screenshot attached for clarity.



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Hi, do you have the same Daily Mixes on your main page as the ones when you click on the "made for you" on the menu? 




"Home" tab (screenshot 1)

"Made for you" tab (screenshot 2)




I've noticed the same thing happening to me but the Mixes on my main page are not updating. I only have them updated after opening "made for you". So I thought it was the case. 

Did you like the song on a compilation album? Many times this happens to me and the song in my daily mix is being played on Spotify from a different album that I liked the song on. That might be why you're having trouble. 

On the screenshot that mishabruml attached you can see that the song is "liked" in the bottom left corner (the one that shows what song is playing). But it's not liked on the general list and it's the same song. 

Hi, yes I can confirm that it is exactly the same song, from exactly the same album. This is not a unique issue to this song either, it happens similarly for many songs in the Daily Mix playlists 

So I just checked this on my phone - the same issue appears while using mobile app.

Here's a screenshot showing that the song is liked, but when I swipe down, it's not. 


Same problem

Same issue here

Is it still not working for you guys? 

Yep, same for me. Been this way for at least a week and I've just been dealing with it. Very annoying.

It is a current problem that has been occurring for some time and they haven't solved it yet, vote here if you want to support this change.

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