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Liked song confusing indicator

Liked song confusing indicator







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I detected the following liked song from one of my playlist Captura1.JPG


As you can see it is marked as liked song but when i enter in one of the artists, it's not shown as liked song (see below)



Same song, same quantities of plays: what could it be happening?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @tanocapo,


Thanks for coming to the community with this! I've noticed this myself when recognising songs that I've liked. From my experience, it depended on the manner in which I "liked" the song i.e. the same song in Discover Weekly was also in a playlist radio yet did not appear as liked. Also I found that the song I liked might be from a stand-alone EP or from an album, hence they're two separate song entries (even though they are the same). Try liking that song again and see if it shows up as liked. You could also try a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your desktop.


Let us know how you get on!





Thanks for your reply, A!


I tried your first option and now i have the same song twice in liked song. I tried to detect if there is 2 albums for the same song but it seems it is the same album with the same record, year and amount of plays.

It is not a big of a del, really. Just a bit annoying!

I will try your second option later this week!

Thanks again!

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