Local Files Area Not Clear on Latest Update

Local Files Area Not Clear on Latest Update






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Hi there; I may be an **bleep** and just not seeing where local files are on the latest Spotify update, but when I updated, the new UI just doesn't show local files on the left now. The only way I've been able to listen to my local files is through playlists I made months ago, and even then, not all of them are in those playlists.

Am I just stupid and not seeing the location anymore, or can you just not listen to local files anymore? (And yes, I have them turned on in settings, but it still shows nothing.)

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Hey @aarharthisis ,


Thanks for posting in the Community. The Local Files are now in the "Your Library" section. 


Hope this helps. 🙂

Thank you so much, I guess I didn't see it before.

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