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So, I've been steadily adding my music to my spotify from my desktop over the past few weeks, and have been having all kinds of trouble with it. First, I have entire folders of music not showing up in my spotify Local Files list, all of which open and load fine in itunes. They're all meticulously named, filed, and organized by artist(or source ala video game soundtracks), album, and track in both windows and itunes, yet about a quarter of the folders don't show up. It's random which ones do or don't.


Secondly, I've recently been having problems with songs that had once been added not being able to be played anymore. They're greyed out on both desktop and mobile, since spotify, for whatever reason, redownloads all of my music when it finds new stuff to download on mobile, and no amount of forum browsing and troubleshooting has fixed it. I've deleted the local-files.bnk file like several other boards have said to, reselected my local files folders; verified that the files were there; and deleted the spotify locals folder with its index.dat file, but nothing has solved my issue.


I'm at my wits end, because I have a ton of music and iTunes/Spotify are the only music players that have Playlist Folder options, and I can no longer afford to replace the ipod I have that doesn't work anymore. I don't want to swap to another music app and just deal with the inability to properly sort my stuff, but this is really starting to burn me.


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Files greyed out image 

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