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Local Files not appearing







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 As in subject: my local mp4 files are not appearing in Spotify, I already have got QuickTime installed and updated as it's been said in FAQ (or somewhere else, anyway it was official post) but still it doesn't really do anything.

Also I want to point out that I'd like to import those files to my phone, Samsung Galaxy S8+.

One of those files is in attachments.

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me too


Hey @Ksorek and @wrenbird


Thanks for getting in touch!


We'd like to ask you to reinstall the app on your computer and mobile phone. Especially if you just installed Quicktime for the purpose of playing local files.  You can read here how to preform a reinstallation.


Make sure you have added a source under the Local files section within the settings of the Spotify app on your computer. A source that contains compatible local files of course. We also recommend you have selected a source on your local hard drive.


Should do the trick 🙂 Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!


Hello, thank you for your reply.

I did just as you told me to, but local mp4 files still do not appear in my Local Files tab, I have even put those files on hard drive, but it didn't change anything.


Hey @Ksorek,


If you've made sure that the containing folder is listed as a source in the local files setting, and you've tried using another folder, try using only some of the files and rename them to something that doesn't contain any special character - just letters and spacing. 


Also make sure that Spotify is enabled in your firewall settings (might be worth disabling your firewall temporarily).


Reinstall Quicktime and see if that helps. If nothing works, does this happen with all mp4-files? Have you tried other formats? How does that work?


You'll find more info about local files here. Make sure to check out the link, and get back to us with some more info 🙂







Hello, so I have tried everything you told me to, I downloaded bought some other music in mp4 but unfortunately, all mp4 files are still not showing up. In my opinion, it seems like Spotify just doesn't detect any other file format than mp3.

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