Local Files won't play on PC, but will play on Android App

Local Files won't play on PC, but will play on Android App







Galaxy Note 10

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro N

Version 1909


My Question or Issue


My Spotify will not play music (Local Files) on my PC, but will play them on my phone (Galaxy Note 10). Syncing Local Files also works perfectly fine. I've recently factory reset my PC. It worked before, but after the update it has stopped working. The Local File songs do not get the blue bar at the top and the songs don't skip over to the next one. It just stays at 0:00


I've tried numerous solutions: Installing Media Pack, uninstalling Spotify (from website) and reinstalling Windows Store Spotify, downloading a codec pack, turning hardware acceleration on/off, deleting AppData Folder, Deleting a few of the files I saw on YouTube, making sure explicit is on for phone and Win10, checking to see if Spotify has an App Volume and Device Preference, changing file locations, downloading local files to new playlists, and possibly a few more.

Any help would be great. I've been trying to get this to work for hours now...

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