Looped playback between sessions (Spotify don't remember when I left off)

Looped playback between sessions (Spotify don't remember when I left off)



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Windows 10 

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I am here as @osornios told me. I didn't find any simmilar question so I'm starting new topic.

 I've noticed that, when I shut down system without prior closing manually manually closing Spotify app it don't remember when I left off. The play queue is always the same every time when I turn on computer. I guess that Windows force closing Spotify and it is not able to serialize play queue. This problem occurs on every device running Windows 10.

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Hey @arbardon,


Sorry for the delay. Could you get back to us with a video showing us what happens? 


We'll make sure to take a closer look. 




Here is video with this issue. I hope that everything is clear enough for you, if not feel free to ask me. 

Hey @arbardon,


Thanks for providing us with the video. It really helps 🙂


This looks very much like your Windows not recording where you left off as it forces shut down. We think you might get better help with this from Microsoft. 


Before you do that, try first reinstalling the app with these steps:

  1. Open Spotify and click File in the menu bar. Select Exit.
  2. Click the Start button. Select Settings.
  3. Open System.
  4. Click Apps & features, then select Spotify.
  5. Click Uninstall. Click Uninstall again in the pop-up to confirm.
  6. Install the Spotify app again here.

Let us know how it goes!



I did, with no result, as I said this problem occurs on every computer running windows 10, am not sure about Windows 8 and 7.

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