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My saved/liked songs keep disappearing as if i never liked them before. When i googled it, i found that some artists remove songs. But recently it got way worse, i now only have about 20% of what i had, i liked a ton of eminem's songs and added a few across playlists. Yet i just realised, he doesnt even exist in my artists anymore, neighter in my liked songs or playlists. This happened with other artists too, a lot of them!!!

Im very frustrated, cause i dont remember all the artists that i once had and im sure i cant get a lot of them back since i dont remember all of them.


How can this happen? And how could i solve it? 

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Dear @hododor


Go to Settings, and under Display Options, enable Show unavailable songs in playlists (this is both on mobile and desktop). Once that toggle button is green, all songs that have been removed by Spotify will be visible in your playlists. The song titles will appear in gray, but you won't be able to play them.


But probably this isn't the case here, so might try to reinstall the app and check if songs are available in your country.


Also, look at this where the user had a similar problem. But that might take a while right now because they have problems with coronavirus and not so many customer service agents are available right now.


If that helps let me know and have a nice day.



Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community and welcome.


If you've had songs unexpectedly removed from your Liked, together with following @TaTHEj's suggestion it'd be good to make sure no one is accessing your account in an unauthorized way.


For this purpose, it'd be great to bookmark and follow the steps in this support page article as well as this one since they feature some essential info regarding how to keep the safety of your account up-to-date.


Hope you'll find this useful. We'll keep an eye on your reply in case there's anything else we can help with!

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