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Multiple issues

Multiple issues






Desktop Computer Intel i9, 32GB Ram, 1080ti GPU

Operating System

Windows 10

Spotify Version


My Question or Issue(s)

1: Text and icons are not smooth:
blury text & icons.PNG


blury text.PNG


Previous UI for comparison:
non - blury text - old ui.PNG


non - blury text & icons - old ui.PNG


2: Double copyright notices on bottom of albums:


3: Album view is cluttered with repeated information and "Discs" don't show up anymore:


album view.PNG

 Why are you showing the artist name in the album for the artist over and over and over. It's a waste of space.

Previous UI for comparison:
Way it should be done - old ui.PNG


4: Removed minimum dimension restrictions results in broken UI. You've removed min-width and that's not very clever:


Old UI for comparison (had restrictions)
smallest window scale - old ui.PNG


5: Create playlist flow is broken. Creating a new playlist adds it offscreen and not focused. You have to find it then edit it to specify a name.  I don't have screenshot of that as there is nothing to capture. But just so you remember what it should be like, here is the old UI:
playlist creation - Way it should be done - old ui.PNG


6: Can't delete the final song from a playlist. Selecting remove from playlist results in refresh and song still there.
Removing last song from playlist doesn't actually remove it.PNG


7: When trying to add song to a playlist the scrolling does not go all the way to the bottom and playlists are cut off or not accessible. I've noticed it happens when right clicking on the 4th song of albums when scrolled to the top.
broken add to playlist.PNG


8: Artist info is in the worst location possible and to make things worse the mouse pointer does not change to indicate it is clickable. Why don't you want people learning more about an artist? Do you have to pay them more?
No mouse pointer.PNG


9: Play button not circular. Not sure if this is by design, but the simple fact the other icons are suggests it should be:
Play button not circular.PNG


10: Blank playlist name, even though you can't add a blank playlist
Blank playlist title 2.PNG


Blank playlist title.PNG


11. This is not a bug but a simple question WHY SO MUCH BLANK SPACE

what is this.PNG


Now you can either choose to start listening to your customers and take some feedback onboard or you can decide that all of this is perfectly fine then i'll know exactly what level of quality your engineers are.


I'm not holding my breath that this gets even a tiny glance from anyone remotely connected to Spotify.



1 Reply

Hi @nippleDonkey


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


We're sorry to hear that your experience with the new desktop client isn't as expected.


We'd recommend you share your thoughts on the desktop app in this Feedback thread. It is being closely monitored and all user feedback is passed on straight to the developer team in charge. Real user experience is valuable in order to make the app more easy to use in future updates.


If you need help with anything else, just let us know. 

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