Multiple unwanted devices on desktop app, but not android

Multiple unwanted devices on desktop app, but not android



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My desktop Spotify shows a few Alexa devices under Connect that I want to remove. They belong to family members in other states, one of whom I don't speak to and REALLY don't want him to have access to my account.


There appears to be no easy way to remove a device. I have spent a long time googling and reading suggestions here.  Show local devices only does not work. Sign out of all devices does not work.


The Spotify app on my phone does not show these extra devices, because it is easy to remove them on the phone app. The desktop app and phone app do not have the same features, and that is aggravating.


I doublechecked my Alexa devices on Amazon, these extra devices are not listed on my account. I do not know how they became attached to my Spotify account, I have NEVER listened to Spotify through any of those devices. 


I am afraid to Remove Access from the apps called Supporting Cast, Alexa and Amazon Devices, because I do not know if my own devices at home will then not reconnect, or how I would reconnect them.


I don't know if any of this makes sense, but if clarification is needed I will try. Thanks in advance. 


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Hi @ConniS!


What you can try out is deleting the prefs file on your PC, which holds cached data about the currently logged in account, but keep in mind that you'll be logged out and your settings will be reset, so you'll have to adjust them again. If you had music downloaded for offline listening, you'll have to re-download it as well. Your library, however, will not be affected, so no worries there.


To delete the prefs file:

  1. Fully close the Spotify app (make sure it's not running in the Task Manager) and go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\.
  2. There you'll find the prefs file. Simply delete it.
  3. While in the Spotify folder, you'll also find a Users folder. Open it and delete its contents as well.

After that, unlink and relink your Spotify account with Alexa by following the steps here. When done, restart your PC and once it boots back up, open Spotify.


Let us know how it goes.

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