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My liked songs not having green heart on singers spotify page

My liked songs not having green heart on singers spotify page





asus laptop

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Windows 10


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I go to artists spotify, I check out their latest album and I am pretty sure I liked (and gave heart) to all the songs on album but the green hearts are not showing. I go to "Songs that you liked" in my "library", put the name of the artist in search bar of that playlist and there are the songs that before seemed like they didnt have green heart. Why it is not synced? What can I do to have it fixed? This is not the first time it happened, i have this w multiple singers and it is messing w my head. Someone please help.


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Hey there @ravenclaw-emma,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community, and welcome 🙂


The behavior you're describing can happen when an album gets reuploaded by the distributors. If they have different metadata or URIs, the app will check backstage to link to the accurate track, but it will currently miss to transfer the liked status to the newer version.


We've provided guidelines to distributors of what they can do to keep tracks fully in sync and basically overwrite old versions, but we know this is something that occurs. For now we suggest that you unlike the "old" track in the liked songs or saved album and replace it with the new one.


We'll keep working on improving this experience moving forward and advise that you keep the app up to date with the latest version so that you don't miss out on any fixes.


If anything else comes up, we're always a message away. 


Have a good one.

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