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My username has changed to a random name

My username has changed to a random name

My Spotify user name was used to be "marti", but someday it automatically changed to "abkgz8iwshjrdky2zp2vhf7vh", and it has no sense.

I'd like to know if I can have my original name again, thanks.


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Hey there! A lot of us have an account created via Facebook. It's fast, easy and it doesn't require a lot of steps because the required info to sign up for a Spotify account is being read from the Facebook profile used when signing up. The most important info being:


  1. Your Facebook display name
  2. Facebook profile picture
  3. And your Facebook Friends

It's possible to sign up for an account with your Facebook profile and at a later stage to opt-out from sharing your Facebook information with us. This will result in some changes in your Spotify account, most notably the following:


  1. Your display name will change into an alphanumeric number
  2. Your profile picture won't be visible on your Spotify account
  3. You won't be able to find Facebook friends on Spotify

Note that these changes don't necessarily happen instantly as the Facebook synchronization can take up to 48 hours.


If you'd like to see your name and profile picture in Spotify again, here's what you can do:


Log in on our website and go to Privacy Settings. Check if you have opted out of Spotify processing your Facebook data. Be sure that you have not opted out if you want to have your name and profile picture visible in Spotify. It should look like this:

Facebook data share.png

On Facebook's end it's also possible to prevent certain info from being shared with Spotify. So if you've opted back in but certain info, for example, your list with Facebook friends is still missing, log in here and find Spotify in the list with apps. Click on 'View and edit' and you'll get the following screen:


Facebook data share 2.png


In this screen, you can further decide which information you'd like to share with Spotify.


Keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours before changes take effect. You might need to log out and back in as well.


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