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My username is a bunch of random numbers!


My username is a bunch of random numbers!

Hi. So, I've been a spotify member for six months now and have had no problems until now. I just took a look at my profile and noticed that spotify displays not my name, but 1214123792 as my "username", which I do not like. When I signed up for spotify I connected to my facebook account and continued signing in with my email, just like I would for facebook. This caused my full name to represent my profile; which I'm okay with. Here's the thing that might have caused the problem: I just recently lost interest in facebook and temporarily deactivated my account, but I could still log in to spotify using my facebook information (email and password). I  checked my account settings and what not on the spotify website and saw that I was still connected to facebook. I get that spotify is for listening to music and it shouldn't matter how your profile appears, but it still bugs me. Solution?

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Hey there @LukeDarko,


Thanks for stopping by in the Community to let us know what solved your issue! 


We're glad to hear this worked out for you 🙂 Bear in mind that whenever you find a certain fix for an issue and you post it, you're helping others who might be experiencing the exact same thing. 


To check if and make sure that Spotify and Facebook are fully connected, go to privacy settings on your account page and make sure to click on the "Process my Facebook data".


Keep us posted 🙂


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I'm having the same problem and I've gone through the solutions such as clicking "Process Facebook data", logging out and signing back in, removing spotify from my facebook apps then relogging.

Is there any way you could get my spotify to display "Aether_Strike" as my username, or at least my facebook name?

my numerical username is 1243240862,

Thank you.

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Hey folks,


Thank you all for the updates and following up on this!


We're actually closing this thread as it's a really old one.


Make sure to check this Spotify Answer by Guido to find out how you can switch back to your Facebook name and avoid displaying your numerical Spotify username.


If you've just decided to join Spotify or to create a new account and are wondering how you can select a personalized Spotify nickname, you'll find it very helpful to check this Spotify Answer by Kate.


If you still have questions regarding this topic, we'll be looking forward to checking them out in a new and up-to-date thread you can create by heading here.


Thank you so much for your support and have a good one 🙂

Mario Moderator
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