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New Releases

New Releases

I can't find any way to receive information on the hundreds of artists and bands that i'm following. On browse there's a tab for "New Releases" filled with all kind of trash about artist and bands that i don't want to know anything about, then there's a "Discover" tab that only displays recomendations that i don't care based on similar bands that i've listened.

The only thing i want is to know when a band that i'm following has a new album, everything else is advertisement trash and spam for me, and i'm paying premium to avoid being spammed with that trash.

I'm following hundreds of artists and i can't see the point, since i only receive news about trash that i'm not following.






Operating System

Windows 10




1 Reply

The OP is so right on this one and yet spotify is an ugly mess when it comes to being able to listen and discover to music you like.


I'm from Brasil and the new releases section here is nothing but a load of **bleep**. Music that I wouldn't listen to save my mom if her life was on the line.


Do something with this crappy interface, come on. This is 2020.

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