New Songs added to Playlist Counter / Top-List

New Songs added to Playlist Counter / Top-List


In previous spotify versions there were counters behind playlist names on the left side, which showed how many songs were added since i last visited this playlist. Is there some kind of option to enable this again in the newest spotify version?


In older versions i also was able to check top-lists which showed top songs AND top albums which i could filter by countries or international. Is this menue point still available and i was just not able to find it or is this function not implemented anymore?







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Hey @MaverFlavor,


Thanks for posting your questions here in the Community.


You can keep track of the new songs added to a playlist by opening it and checking each song's info under the 'calendar-looking' icon at the top of the page. The info displayed there will tell you 'how long ago' each specific song was added to the playlist.  


Regarding your second question, you'll find the lists featuring top-songs globally or for a specific country in Browse > CHARTS if you're using the desktop app and in Search > Browse all > Charts if you're using the mobile version of the app.


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

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Thanks for the answers.

Besides searching for top songs by country, is there also a list for top albums by country?

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