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New Spotify UI... can't add album to a Folder? and drag/drop album functionality different

New Spotify UI... can't add album to a Folder? and drag/drop album functionality different

My Question or Issue

Hey all, My Spotify UI just updated... 

I can't seem to add albums to a Folder anymore?

Pretend I have a folder called 'Albums to Listen to'...

I used to be able to drag and drop an album to that folder but now I can't.

I can add an album to an already existing album inside of that folder but that seems wrong UI functionality.


Also another minor thing related to this... you used to be able to drag the Album name in the header area and drop it on the leftnav... but now only dragging the icon of the album artwork works with drag+drop feature. Can also the album name be draggable+droppable again?








Operating System

Windows 10




2 Replies

Hey there @persianninja,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


Currently, you can only drag albums to your personal or collaborative playlists, but not to the playlist folders on the new desktop client. Additionally, it's only possible dragging the album's artwork, but not its title. 


In this case, we'd recommend adding your feedback to this Feedback thread. As the right teams are still collecting ideas on how to make the Desktop app better and more user friendly, this is the best place to post your comments.


Hope you find this info helpful 🙂

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I totally basic function of a folder is to hold an artist's CDs. I have an enormous number of artists in my library but don't necessarily listen to all their CDs. And my memory isn't perfect, so I collect the ones I want into a folder by the artist's name.  


I'd be scrolling forever through a zillion playlists if I didn't have folders....folders save space and therefore time when scrolling. I certainly don't want one long artist playlist made up of many CDs....another disorganized time waster.


There's also the issue of alphabetizing...folders accomplish that....not sure what would happen without folder organization. Sometimes Spotify puts the artist's name first, other times, the CD title. I don't always rename.


Why Spotify removed this basic function I can't fathom. It takes several steps now....a real hassle. A major dis-improvement. This basic and convenient ability has always been available until now. Did they just forget it? Drag and drop across the board is always appreciated.




Win 10PC

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