New "Stations" App Only On Mobile?


New "Stations" App Only On Mobile?


Why does only mobile have a Stations app? We all know the current radio feature in Spotify app is hot garbage. Stations has the thumbs up and thumbs down rating system users have been begging for the devs to re-implement in the core Spotify app; which has the trashy "add to library" thingy.


We can't downvote songs in radio playlists if we dislike something, so we end up having to micromanage songs into favorites and toss out the genereated playlist like a $5 hooker because we're finished with it.


We want procedurly generated, infinate playlists!

Because we want to discover new stuff based on prefered context and not have to listen to the same disliked item twice.


So, why move a core feature to a completely separate entity that's acquisitionable on mobile, but completely nixxed on desktop?

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