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New releases not updating

New releases not updating




New Zealand



Operating System

(Windows 10)


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Under the main Browse page there is a tab for New Releases.

Up until a few weeks ago the new release albums etc were updated.

This has now stopped updating.

Tried uninstalling Spotify and reinstalling but it was no different.



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I am also having this same issue on both Windows 10 & Android. Am a Premium user. Can someone please address this issue or at least let us know what's happening?

The same issue over here too (not sure if these threads can be merged), seems to be a few of us with the problem at least.

Seems the issues are now fixed for both Android and Web apps

I have the same issue, the jazz new releases are two years old, this is very annoying. I sent an inquiry last year to Spotify but they replies that there is nothing they can do. Quite weird...

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