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New users sidebar tasks stuck at 60%.

New users sidebar tasks stuck at 60%.

New premium account and I've notice this % dial on the right. However hard I try I can't get rid of it. Five tasks; sign up, search a song, play a song, create a playlist, add 5 songs to a playlist.


I've signed up and created and added five songs to a playlist so they're crossed out. But searching and playing a song remain and I'm stuck at 60%. And yes I have searched and played songs! J And therefore I can't get rid of it. I can hide the sidebar obviously but then I lose following my friends.


So anybody else experienced this? Its driving me nuts!!!


I've attached a screenshot.


Many thanks in advance.


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This happened to me: stuck at 40%!!!!

Spotify software is proving to be really poor quality! Does anyone have any answers?



Thanks for coming to the Community.

Could you confirm the below for us? It'd be great if we could get your exact...
Operating System:
Spotify App version:

Also, let us know if restarting your device, and reinstalling the app helps 🙂




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