Not Even Sure Where to Start

Not Even Sure Where to Start






HP Laptop

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Not sure what just happened. I left my computer for a while, it went into sleep mode, I came back, and Spotify was completely different. Everything is zoomed in, the Play button is now just a triangle instead of saying "Play," and double clicking a playlist no longer skips the current song and reshuffles the playlist. I can not figure out how to shuffle play now.  All of the songs also say that they were added one day prior to when they actually were (i.e. a song I added today now says it was added 1 day ago). 

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Hey @firebuff101,


Thanks for reaching out about this! It sounds like you might be on the new Desktop app which was rolled out a few days ago.


We just wanted to check in to see if the behaviour you described in your comment persists. If so, would you mind providing us with some more info, including:

Thanks - keep us posted!

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