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Not Importing Certain Album


Not Importing Certain Album

Gig Goer







Operating System

Windows 10 Home Edition


My Question or Issue

Spotify for my desktop seems to have "forgotten" my local files. I re-uploaded them/re-synced them, and all was fine. But, now, I cannot play one artists album specifically. Serena Ryder's album Utopia(Deluxe). I own the physical copy of this CD, and the .RAR file that was given from ordering off of the website. The files are .MP3 and are not DRM protected.


-Artist is Serena Ryder

-Album is Utopia(Deluxe)

--Spotify only has about 5 songs off the album (licesnsing issues I assume)

-Re-synced + re-downloaded what I can (multiple times)

-Allowed Spotify to bypass the firewall

-Does not appear in my search under Local Files

-Rebooted Spotify/Windows

-Reinstalled Spotify
-Relogged out of and back into Spotify
-Windows has been updated

-I own the CD and the Digital Deluxe version off the website


I dont know what happened, but something changed between Friday the 8th and Monday the 11th that is preventing Spotify from seeing this album. And, this is truthfully very infuriating.

I am now debating on cancelling my Subscription after being a member for 5 years+. All problems Ive ever had with Spotify, is due to poor Local File optimization. I have 5000+ songs and it seems i need to jump through hoops just to listen to music I physically own.


I am at a loss as to what to do.

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Re: Not Importing Certain Album


Re: Not Importing Certain Album

Gig Goer

Im unavailable to view the link. Does it have a fix in it?