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Not Importing Certain Album

Not Importing Certain Album







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Spotify for my desktop seems to have "forgotten" my local files. I re-uploaded them/re-synced them, and all was fine. But, now, I cannot play one artists album specifically. Serena Ryder's album Utopia(Deluxe). I own the physical copy of this CD, and the .RAR file that was given from ordering off of the website. The files are .MP3 and are not DRM protected.


-Artist is Serena Ryder

-Album is Utopia(Deluxe)

--Spotify only has about 5 songs off the album (licesnsing issues I assume)

-Re-synced + re-downloaded what I can (multiple times)

-Allowed Spotify to bypass the firewall

-Does not appear in my search under Local Files

-Rebooted Spotify/Windows

-Reinstalled Spotify
-Relogged out of and back into Spotify
-Windows has been updated

-I own the CD and the Digital Deluxe version off the website


I dont know what happened, but something changed between Friday the 8th and Monday the 11th that is preventing Spotify from seeing this album. And, this is truthfully very infuriating.

I am now debating on cancelling my Subscription after being a member for 5 years+. All problems Ive ever had with Spotify, is due to poor Local File optimization. I have 5000+ songs and it seems i need to jump through hoops just to listen to music I physically own.


I am at a loss as to what to do.

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Im unavailable to view the link. Does it have a fix in it?

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