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Not getting all features available with different accounts

Not getting all features available with different accounts

Plan: Premium

Country: Canada


Device: Desktop PC

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro


My Question or Issue: Signed up for Spotify Premium Duo account for me and my wife. We both installed the desktop version on our 2 separate Windows 10 machines. When she logs in to the app on both her PC and my PC it looks completely different to when I log in on either PC and she gets a lot more features available than I do - the side menu has many more options and right clicking on a playlist also gives more menu options. It seems a completely different version of the app is loaded when I sign in to the app compared to when she signs in. I have already tried uninstalling/re-installing. Also tried installing from both the Spotify website download and also the Microsoft Store. Same issue happens every time.


Screenshots - When she logs in she gets this:



When I logs in I gets this:





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that is the new design. while just a few old accounts got changed to it, all new accounts got it from the start. there is no way to change the design back.
a moderator in here said that the design was running as a test for sometime, but the test is finished and it seems like it will stay like this. it's just a matter of time until everyone will get this design, most likely when they managed to put atleast a few of the missing features back in.

my premium will end in september and if i will not be able to change back to the old design by then, i will leave spotify for good. im all in for changes, but only if it won't get worse.
they need to act faster with stuff like this. spotify is number one with music streaming, because people choose to use it. if they forget that, which seems like they did, then good luck, but i don't want to live with this new design.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply and the information freiwald. That explains a lot. Weird thing is we pretty much created our accounts and signed in within 20 mins. of each other, but looks like we got different versions tied to our accounts as you said. Yeah, if this doesn't change I'm not going to renew.

Hey @SJ28 and @freiwald,


Thanks for writing about and discussing the new Desktop experience here in the Community.


Regarding this, there's a Community Idea suggesting the option to allow switching between the previous and the current look of your Desktop app. You can take a look at it here if you'd like to know more. Make sure to add your +VOTE as well as subscribe to stay up-to-date with all the related developments.


Hope you'll find this helpful. Have a good day!

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Just a quick update on this - took a week, but it looks like my Spotify login was switched to a new full desktop design - ver. (versus the crippled web view "" version) I didn't uninstall or re-install or do anything - just logged in yesterday and the design was completely different. So I now have the same full functionality that my wife had from the get go. Not sure that I like the idea that they can switch versions on you like that with no option to roll back to a previous version if it ends up buggy or broken. Also, the suggestion to vote on adding the option to allow switching between the previous and the current designs was not the most helpful when something just wasn't working right - seems to me that should have been built in. I guess it isn't that obvious to the designers/devs that people may not want to be test guinea pigs and may want to opt out.

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