Offline Sync (Downloads) Doesn't work

Offline Sync (Downloads) Doesn't work





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On my windows desktop my songs won't download (It only says "Waiting" next to the green bar), and neither will my playlists, even though there is an active internet connection.


I've recently reinstalled the app and also logged in / out, but that didn't fix the problem.


Also, I recently got a new phone (iphone), and while my songs have downloaded on my phone, my local files from the desktop won't play even when put in a downloaded playlist. Some of my local files have the green downloaded arrow on them but slightly darker and won't play (a message tells me they aren't downloaded), and some of the files don't have any icon. I've reinstalled the app on my phone as well, but the problem wasn't fixed.


Both my phone and desktop computer are updated


What should I do to fix my phone / desktop?


Thank you.

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