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Offline download location can't be changed.

Offline download location can't be changed.







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Windows 10


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I picked the download location to be set in "D:\Spotify\" then got notification to restart the app. Yet when I restart the app, the download location is reverted back to the localapp folder. Any ideas? I hope the app developers can fix this soon

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i have the same issue since march, i installed a new ssd and had to uninstall spotify because of this, i'm trying to fix right now, but there's no use, desktop app it's crappier everyday

Hey @yoshii_minami and @fede_pyro,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


Apologies for the delayed response, we just came across this thread. Just to confirm, have you tried a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your device? We recommend the steps in that guide, as they’re very thorough and make sure no damaged leftover files remain. These changes tend to solve issues like the one you're experiencing. Give your device a quick restart as well before you open the newly installed app. Also make sure to download the app version from the Microsoft Store as it's the one best optimized for Windows 10.


If that doesn't fix things, we recommend to check whether or not toggling hardware acceleration on/off makes a difference. You can find this option in the advanced setting menu, just make sure to restart you're device after each change before making the test.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes.  

Mihail Moderator
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Hi, yes, i just did that, even cleaned the registry, hardware acceleration it's off, restarted everytime and the problem persists

Hey @fede_pyro,


Thanks for trying what we suggested and keeping in touch.


This may be related to the folders' permission, so we recommend following the steps in this post as they might be helpful.


If that doesn't do the trick, try starting your PC in safe mode and let us know if that makes any difference.


Keep us in the loop. We'll be looking out for your reply.

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