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'Open Spotify Automatically' Setting Don't Work

'Open Spotify Automatically' Setting Don't Work







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Windows 10


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 When I start up my computer, I am always greeted by Spotify and a few select programs that are enabled in startup. Spotify is not one of those, but it opens anyway, even if the 'Open Spotify automatically...' feature is set to 'No.' Additionally, it seems to be a random mix between opening in fullscreen and opening minimized. If I set the option to 'Minimized' it will still open as a window on occasion, and if I set the option to 'Yes' then it seems to still open in a random mix of windowed, fullscreen, and minimized.


Additionally, is there any way to get the Spotify icon on the taskbar to not blink at me when it starts up? In the event it opens minimized, I have to pull up the window and then close to taskbar or minimize it to stop the blinking.


I have restarted my device dozens of times and performed at least 5 clean installs of Spotify. Don't ask me to clean install Windows because I won't.

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Hey @Shirauk


That's rather peculiar. I don't see such behavior on my Windows 10 machine and Spotify is disabled on startup.


If you're using the standalone program (downloaded from instead of the Windows Store client, I recommend using the Windows Store version.


Also, does disabling hardware acceleration cause any change? It's under menu dots - View - Hardware acceleration and clicking on it will restart Spotify.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Hey @Sebasty,


I uninstalled the standalone program and installed Spotify AB from the Microsoft Store. I'm still having the issue. Startup is disabled in Spotify and in my startup menu via task manager. I tried turning off hardware acceleration. No dice. I also realized that now when I exit Spotify using the minimize button (-) and then pull it back up from the tray, it pulls up as a small window. If I exit out (x) then it will come back as a full-size window. However, most of the time it will come back as an offset fullscreen window (either slightly upshifted or downshifted). So that's pretty tilting.

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