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Playback stops suddenly and can not be continued before restart

Playback stops suddenly and can not be continued before restart






Own Build PC (i7-6800k, 32GB RAM, Samsung SSDs, Asus GTX 1080TI Strix OC, MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon, Audiolab M-DAC mini) 

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


My Question or Issue

My Spotify app stops playback suddenly and then it can not be continued. I need to restart the app for playback to start again.

The app has worked flawlessly for months and now the error appears at the latest after 15 minutes, sometimes already after a minute. 

I have already reinstalled the program several times (different versions), updated drivers and tried an external sound card in addition to the internal sound card.  Also there is enough free space on the hard disk.

The Android app does not cause any problems, only the Windows app.

Currently the version (Windows Store version) is installed.

What else can I do to resolve this issue? So the app is useless.

Please help!
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Hello@fritzthebox  and welcome to the community.


Sorry to hear about this problem.


Have you tried to install the lastest regular version (downloaded from Spotify) in place of the Windows store version ?


In order you have to uninstall first the store version before to reinstall the regular one.


Let me know if that could be a solution for your problem.


Good luck


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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I already tried the version directly from Spotify and also older ones. Error
is always still the same.

Are there perhaps any corrupt entries in the registry I need to delete
before a new installation?

The web player on the same computer does not make any problems.

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