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Playing wrong track

Playing wrong track

strange issue noticed with spotify in the Windows standalone app.


double clicking a track plays the wrong one. see following video:


track order might have changed automatically overnight.


issue does not bother me and is fixed with a restart of the app. just couldn't find a way to report a bug to spotify 🙂


2 Replies

Hey @ahmedeus,


Thanks for reporting this - glad that a reinstall did the trick for you!


Temporary issues such as these can arise from time to time, and usually it's enough to reinstall the app to fix it.


If anyone else is having this issue, make sure to perform a clean reinstall first and see if that fixes it.


Thanks! Take care for now 🙂

Thanks for the feedback, Peter. 

I just had to restart Spotify and not reinstall it.


The issue was minimal. I suspect the ranking of the song changed while that artist page was opened, because I noticed the second and third tracks swapped after a few hours. Maybe it has to do with the cached index of the track vs. the way it was being displayed.


The solution: restart Spotify, no reinstall is required.

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