Playlist Details Sync


Playlist Details Sync



Spotify Premium (Family)


Uninted Kingdom


HP Desktop, HP Laptop, Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Windows 10 Home (PC's), Android 9 (S8)


My Question or Issue

I believe this is a fairly common issue amongst Spotify users, and I have looked at the other forum posts on this topic and tried the solutions, to no avail.

The isue I am having is where I update an existing playlist (collaberative playlist, with 1 other contributor and 48 songs), updating only the playlist image and description on my laptop. Then, opening the spotify applecation on the desktop machine reveals the updated information. The S8 however, does not update the information on the playlist itself, however when it is shown in the 'Your Heavy Rotation' list, the updated cover appears, but changes back to the old cover when opened. Subriquently, when closing the application on my laptop and re-opening it, the playlist details revert back to the origional ones, identical to what is shown on the S8.

This is really pzzling me, as I have tried offline mode to foce a sync, sighning in and out, etc and it is obviously updating with the spotify servers for the windows devices, however that information isn't being stored in the servers, but is instea just being sent to all other active devices and only being stored locally, obviously being lost when the application is closed.

Any sugguestions would be appreciated,as this might be an issue the Spotify team wants to look at. TIA.

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