Playlist 'Make Secret' and 'Make Public' confusion


Playlist 'Make Secret' and 'Make Public' confusion





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I recently noticed a really annoying problem regarding making playlists secret.  When I'm on the desktop client and choose the "Make Secret" option for my playlists, it seems to actually make them public.  Whereas when I'm in the android mobile app on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and I choose "Make Secret", it seems to make the playlist secret.  However, when I choose the "Make Secret" option on my android, it still shows the "Make Secret" option on my desktop client and vice versa.  I just want to be able to be sure that a playlist is secret from either the desktop client or the android app.  So for some reason the mobile app option and the desktop client option don't match.  Additionally, it seems that over time my secret playlists don't stay secret and are suddenly public again.  😞  Right now, I basically can't have any secret playlists because no matter whether the android app says they're secret or the desktop client says they're secret, my friends can still see the playlist via my activity feed.