[Playlists] Playlist titles have changed


[Playlists] Playlist titles have changed

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For years, I've been dragging an album from the play window to the left to create a Playlist - sometimes beneath a playlist folder, sometimes not.


Until this past week the Playlist was auto-titled "artist - album_name" when created.


Now, however, the auto-title is in the form "album_name - artist".


Whe I try to scan down the (long) list of stuff I've saved as Playlists this is just a complete pain to find something - I have to read and absorb each row rather than just scanning.


Why the change please?  And when will you change it back, because it's something which wasn't needing "fixed"...?  I'd be happier if changed your colour palette away from dark-grey-scrollbars-on-black-ground. Yes, I'm old-school.

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Re: [Playlists] Playlist titles have changed

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Hi ahb_28, welcome to the community!


Spotify is always implementing and testing new features to the product, some of those features may be liked or disliked by the broader community, I recommend that you post your suggestion to the Ideas area of the community if you wish for Spotify to change it back.


In the meantime, you can rename a playlist by right-clicking on the playlist and selecting Edit Details.


Thanks, and have a lovely day!

Re: [Playlists] Playlist titles have changed

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Hi Micky, and thanks for replying.

I know how to rename the playlists, and I am now. It's having to rename playlists, across any of the three platforms and four devices on which I might be using Spotify, which is simply an enormous PITA.

I'm sure you'll appreciate that it's a PITA which has cropped up only because Spotify have changed a default which worked just fine as it was before.

I will post to the Ideas queue but I won't hold my breath; there are more basic usability issues which don't get addressed so I guess this has no chance.

Thanks anyway.