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Playlists appear empty on desktop app

Playlists appear empty on desktop app




United States (Michigan)


Custom build pc


6-8gb ram

2 (two) 1tb harddrives

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro Version 1803

Spotify was downloaded from the windows store


My Question or Issue

I did a fresh install of spotify after i had previously used some third party ad-blockers which mute audio when an ad plays, Well since then i've had it uninstalled and spotify has not played ads since, probably due to something with the 3rd party program. I didn't have problems with it. Seeing as i didn't have to worry about ads. Well, karma got me. Now on some of the latest builds of spotify, music appears to not be added to my playlists when i add them, and if i try to play a song thats not in ANY of my self created playlists, spotify doesn't play it.


I tried doing a fresh install of the latest version. Now all my playlists appear empty. Even ones made by spotify or daily mixes appear empty.


I've made sure to clean out anything to do with spotify, but the issue still persists. Any idea on what i should remove to try to get this to work? Or is spotify just cursed on my pc now. I really dont want to re-install windows for spotify.


Attatched is a picture of the USA top 50 playlist, completely empty.


EDIT1: I am now paying for premium at the time of writing.

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