Playlists not syncing between devices


Playlists not syncing between devices


I currently have two computers (one for work, one for home) and a phone. For months, if I make a playlist on one, all of the songs appear on the others. Since one of the recent updates, now if I make a playlist on my work computer, it appears on the my home computer and my phone, but it has zero tracks. The actual songs in the playlist don't seem to be syncing at all. The same thing happens if I go the other way (making a playlist on my home computer and trying to play it on my work computer later). I'm stuck as to what to do next, but I don't want to have to make three playlists every time I want one.


Posting for people currently having this issue!
You simply need to go to settings>playback>offline.
In both the phone and desktop switch to "offline mode" for a good 5 to 10 minutes, then switch back to "online" and it should sync them up!
you may need to close each app, but no reinstalling with this solution 👍

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This is correct. I followed the same steps:

1.) Open Spotify on my Mac

2.) Open Spotify on my iPhone

3.) Make sure both are connected to internet (not in Offline Mode)

4.) On Mac Spotify, at the bottom right switch to listening from Mac to listening from iPhone (screenshot 4)

5.) From iPhone play one of the songs that wasn't showing up on your Mac.

6.) That song will be playing now on your Mac Spotify add this song (click the +), which will force it to sync everything up.

7.) From Mac Spotify, add the song playing (click the +), which will force it to sync everything up.


Worked like a charm. Sad it has to be this difficult Spotify!


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I tried EVERYTHING in this entire thread and NOTHING worked, including the ForceSpotifySync app. I FINALLY found a solution that worked for me and hopefully this helps: 


Just go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and delete the "host" files. This isn't dangerous for your computer ( Here is a thread that proves it's safe ).


I don't know why it works but after I did that and restarted Spotify if solved my problems. Also worth mentioning, before doing this my playlists would load but songs wouldn't play any music and most of my playlists were very wrong (the 65 song playlist on my phone had only 14 songs on my desktop). I re-downloaded Spotify to try to fix this and then all my playlists were completely empty and I had no liked songs. That's when I found this really hard to understand video that gave me my solution:


Hopefully this helped!



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Another solution I found was removing one of the latest songs you have added and re-adding it. This kick seems to start the sync for me.

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Sounding like the IT department I wanna say "Have you tried unplugging your PC from power AND ethernet, waited for 30 seconds and then restarted" and "Try restarting your phone"


Okay... That did not work


This is usually a problem with the versions of the spotify not being up-to-date.

- Your computer (PC/Mac) should always be the newest version, if not then a notification in the program (yes.. I'm not calling something on a PC an app because reasons) with show telling you to restart

- Most phones will update apps automatically BUT(!!!) the standard setting in Google play at least is that it will only do so over WiFi AND ONLY if the app is running in the background.


Of course a clean install on both devices essentially do the same in the end, but if you are on a slow network, and have the songs downloaded on your phone then try the above first


If both versions are up to date then check the usual stuff (disable firewall/antivirus; check the network's portforwarding policy if you are not on your own WiFi and so on)


If you're fixing it from a computer (PC) - locate the cache folder or offline songs storage in spotify settings the the advanced menu

-uninstall spotify from control panel 

-delete the cache folder ''

-install spotify again




I have the issue of the local file song not showing in the playlist.

Accidentally I have found out my own solution.

1) Go to the Library in the bottom right corner when you open up the app.

2) Click on Playlist in the Library tab.

3) There should be an Edit button on the upper right corner, click it.

4) You should see grey arrows in the right of playlist names.

5) Click on the arrow to make it green for downloading the songs


Hope this solution will help some of you guys.


having the same exact issue right now in 2018, I've had the issue for more than a week now. It is very disappointing and may just have to turn to apple music. 


I can't use the app at work, but I can listen in a browser. I had to idea to email myself the link to my playlist set up on my browser, and then it populated in my phone. I'd imagine this solution will port over a playlist if you're still having synching solution. It's not the solution, but it's better than creating a playlist three times.



Just encountered this again.

On your Computer you can try to reset the local caches - this solved the issue with my songs not syncing to the computer.


This solution also deletes your downloaded songs from spotify, if you have a lot of Songs available offline this solution may not be for you. Maybe a Spotify Employee can tell us the more specific cache location for the playlists/my-songs 🙂


Here is what you have to do:

1. Open the Spotify Desktop App

2. Open the settings(Caret by your username)

3. Scroll to the bottom and click "Show advanced Settings"

4. Scroll down to "Offline Songs Storage"

5. Open the displayed path in Windows ( you may have to type it in manually because Folders are hidden)

6. Close Spotify and delete this folder and all its contents.

7. Open Spotify - it will need to rebuild all its caches


i recently added new songs on my laptop to a playlist but its not appearing on my phone im a premium user pls help me thanks in advance!!!

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I have same issue...

This bug is not fixed yet. 

sometimes it works and other times not, seems it will put it under albums when I actually made a play list, sometimes I can find it under most recently played, it’s buggy all right and no tech support even thpugh I pay the extra every month
If I fiddle with it for a while Ifind it on my phone when I put it next to my computer
good luck

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I am able to fix this by logging out and closing the Spotify client on my PC and deleting my local cache under ~/.cache/spotify/. Then open the app and relog in. Now I can see all the changes that I made on my phone earlier in the day.


Please fix the syncing issues, Spotify. My resume has been attached.


Edit: I should note that logging out of your account on the desktop client is not necessary but you do need to close Spotify properly before locating and deleting your cache. The cache is repopulated upon launching Spotify.


I don't know how to delete spotify cashe on my iPhone or Mac. I went online and it appears that others can't do it either



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My part to chip in.

Prelude: I'm sure, there are only one-two developers who implement this thing know something about how their syncing works. Barring testing. Anyways, Microsoft can be a pain in the rear as well, and after hours of experimenting that's what I tried and it finally started to work:


- There are new settings for Firewall in Windows 10 "Windows Defender Firewall", poke there around (if you know what you're doing).


(what did the trick - I'm almost sure):

- "Advanced firewall rules" named in this thread have many small options, which I played with. If nothing works for you, try changing the highlighted on the screenshot option "EDGE TRAVERSAL".


Note: I noticed that both devices emitted many "ipv6 unsolicited neighbor advertisement" packets on the network. I don't know the details, but guess there is some routes / low level packet blocking happening.

Sometimes Companies have policies e.g. not allowing you to completely switch off the firewall (even to test whether it causing the problem), so you have to excactly know what else to try and where to look.


Good luck all.

spotify Properties.png

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For Mac OS X it shoud be under /Users/<mac-user>/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client. Then launch Spotify again. You should only have to remove the cache on your iMac as it's only the desktop client that most are having issues with, the iPhone app can be ignored as it's likely syncing properly.


If you really wanted to clear the cache on your iPhone you will likely will have to remove and redownload Spotify from the App store. I'm not aware of any clear cache or force sync command built into Spotify.





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My imported playlists always show up on my phone, so that part is syncing nicely. only all of the songs in said playlist are gray. unplayable, unless I hit play on my computer. but then it only plays the audio through the computer. even if I press nearby devices it wont play on my phone. I used to be able to download them on my phone and play them but since recent updates it stopped working. the picture is angled so you can tell that the songs are gray.



None of these worked for me, the only other option I could do was play the new songs using the device that has my new songs but telling it to play on the other using the bottom right icon with a little symbol of a computer and iphone (to the left of the volume bar), then adding the song on the device without the new songs. Hope this works! xx

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My playlist doesn't even appear on my phone if I make it on my computer and vice versa. It's not just the tracks, it's also the actual playlist. Help!