Plays a different song BUG. Does this happens to you also ?


Plays a different song BUG. Does this happens to you also ?



When I change the music from the browser bit I listen from my mobile it plays a different song.


First I will put into context why I want to play the song from my desktop browser but the song to be casted from my phone.


When I commute from home to work I am listen music from my phone to my bluetooth headphones, when I arrive at work I simply want to open my laptop and still be able to play the songs without connecting the headphones to the laptop, because this process is frustrating and takes too much time. ( I must stop the bluetooth conection from my phone then insert my headphones in the case to reset them, then connecting them to the laptop, when I leave the office I must repeat the process to connect them to the phone... really frustrating and timewasting...)


It is a lot more easy to go to spotify browser and select this option to play from my phone


The problem is that when I am changing the song from the browser it plays a totally different song on my mobile! 


Here is a screenshot

Here is a video


I hope someone will fix this asap :).

Thank you.





(Huawei Mate 9, Lenovo Legion Y720)

Operating System

(Windows 10, chrome browser, and Android on my phone. )