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Podcast Playback Not Resetting When Finished

Podcast Playback Not Resetting When Finished




 United Kingdon


Windows 10 & Android 

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So I listen to a lot of podcasts, normally when I'm commuting or exercising. I also like to listen to podcast before going to sleep.


A lot of the time I will fall asleep with podcasts on and will wake up several episodes later. Because I listen to a lot of chronologically ordered podcasts I often have to go back to where I was and listen again. My issue is that once a podacst has been played it sticks to playback time right at the end of the episode and as soon as I press play it skips to the next episode. 


This issue has been bugging me for months as there seems to be no fix. Playback simply will not reset after a podcast has been listened to in its entirety. 


Please help! 


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EDIT: Plan - Premium

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