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Podcasts won't play

Podcasts won't play







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I cannot get podcasts to play on my desktop app. 


Podcasts play without issue on my phone and tablet, but on my desktop app the play button is dull green and when I hover over it with my cursor I get a null symbol (red circle with diagonal line through it) instead of an arrow. If I click it nothing happens. 


There is no issue playing music. 


I have tried:

  • a clean reinstall
  • restarted my computer a few times
  • restarted my router
  • start the podcast on a different device and then switch which device I am listening to it on. If I listen to a podcast on my phone/tablet/google home/other laptop it does not show up on the desktop app, though if I listen to a song it shows on the desktop app and gives me the option to listen on that device. 
  • playing a song and adding a podcast episode to the queue (I can right click on the episode and add it to queue, but it does not show up in the queue and the next song plays as if the episode had not been added)
  • turning VPN off/on


I am using a VPN, though when I'm at the location of the VPN this is generally not an issue (though it has happened before, the issue resolved itself within an hour or two). 


Any other suggestions?

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Hey there @jjone637!

Thanks for reaching out to us on the Community!

Are you able to play podcasts via the web player or if you try downloading the episode and playing it offline? 

Another step to try is re-downloading Spotify from the Microsoft store instead of our web site, or vice versa to see if that makes a difference for you.  Give your device a quick restart before you start the newly installed app.

In case the issue persists, could you ask a friend or a family member to log in on your computer and test this out to see if they get the same issue?

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