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Problem with linking Faceb [solved]

Problem with linking Faceb [solved]


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First, I am not willing to change my default browser to accommodate Spotify.  That cannot possibly be the only way to permit Spotify to actually connect with my Facebook account (so that I can check out what my friends are playing, etc.).  


When I click on the Connect to Facebook account button, nothing appears to happen.  When I hold down Alt-Tab, I see a thumbnail of a screen that looks like what I would expect Facebook to display, requesting permission to permit an application to access my Facebook account, etc . . . However, I can't actually access that screen, there does not appear to be a tab in my browser that corresponds, etc.  


I would be grateful for guidance as to how to configure my browswer extensions or any other aspect of my operation.  I am running a Win10 system and have a Spotify Premium account.  My default browser is Chrome.  



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