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Quality reduction for playlist covers

Quality reduction for playlist covers

Every time I upload a cover image for my playlist then save, the quality of the cover reduces. Does anybody else have this issue?


I'm certain that there's nothing wrong with the images I'm uploading, this is a Spotify issue. To make sure, I used the exact same photo from one of my older playlists, and the new playlist looked way more pixelated than the old one in comparison.

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Hey there @march25th,

thanks for posting in the community !


As i've been creating my own playlist covers for quiet sometime, i've never had any issue like that.

I use photoshop to create them and have them initialy made to not exceed the limits mantioned on this help page.


You can check it out just in case.

Let me know if you need further help=)

Still have this issue and I've seen other people say that they've been experiencing the same.

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