Radio missing

Radio missing


I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to play a radio station based on the artist. Every article says to click on 'radio'. There is no 'radio'! All of the screenshots show what I assume is an older version of spotify. This is true for both the Windows app and Android. How to play a radio station?!?

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Good morning!


You can go to the artist page, click on the button next to the "Follow" and a menu will pop up with the selection "Go to Artist Radio". 


Hope this helps! Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.18.28 AM.png


On the mobile app, the icon you want to click on in at the top right. 


Thanks but that option is missing from mine.




Do you mean the 3 vertical dots from the artist page? When I do that, I only get options for "Share", "Report Abuse", and "Stop Following".



What windows version are you using?

And what android version?


No idea why the go to radio option is missing but there is something wrong if its not there,and to be missing from both windows and android is very strange


When you are playing a song on windows app,if you right click the artist name (from the bottom left where the artwork and artist name and song is),do you not see the option there either to go to radio?


Do you even have any radio option at all at the left hand side under where it says browse above "your library"?


I believe the issue is due to my country. I'm using Spotify Thailand, which is new; we didn't have Spotify until recently. Apparently 'radio' functionality is not available, which makes no sense to me. 


That could be it! Hope you can get it soon! Happy streaming! 

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