Random Pausing during playback

Random Pausing during playback




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Windows 10


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It's simple. Every 30 seconds, almost exactly, the music will pause.
It pauses while in foreground or background, during any and every song, no prompts or messages appear. There is no other devices available. It happens all times of day. My pc is ran with an Ethernet cable and I'm quite sure it's not a connection issue occurring exactly every 30 seconds after playing a song.
I have tried the following already:
Reinstall and restart pc
Downloaded the songs
Offline session

Used different proxies, updated proxies, then disabled all proxies.
Reinstalling Microsoft store app Vs. Spotify.exe from the website. (Issue persists through both versions)
Cleared pc cache. Then reinstalled.
Sign out of everywhere - change password - signed back in and issue persists. (I then signed into the account via my phone after testing the apps on pc and the issue occurred again on the pc)
There is no issue while using the Web player on the website
There is no issue while using the app on my Android phone

Seems to be exclusive to windows 10. Also given the exact 30 seconds that it pauses I have a feeling it's some sort of DRM glitch? I'm just gonna use the Website player for now, but it's a strange glitch that was incredibly frustrating for some time.


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i have this issue too.my pause happens exactly after 26 seconds.

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