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Re: Generic connection issues, add your tips please.

Re: Generic connection issues, add your tips please.

I have just recently upgraded to Premium and am very disappointed as it seems I have totally lost quality in terms of the the connection! I have been using the free version since it was launched in Australia with no problems at all. Since upgrading, every single track I play either stops multiple times during the track for quite long periods of time or won't even play at all.  I'm not experiencing any internet connection issues with anything else that I am doing online. I checked my Spotify service status and it says it's fine. Nothing has been changed in my firewall settings or anti virus settings at all since I upgraded - I was using Spotify free without any issues, then switched to Premium and immediately, on that same day, started experiencing problems. If this can't be fixed I will unfortunately be cancelling my subscription.


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I have the same problem and it started today, i followed the steps mentioned above but after that i can't even log in anymore ( this started after i enabled UPnP 😮 ).

Same problem here. I bought the premium version last week and the quality of connection dropped.


Now I can't even access spotify at all, it refuses to connect. It just did that all of the sudden. Very disappointed.

Michi, Velded & BerSerKiR - Are you getting any error codes at all?

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Nothing, it just refuses to connect. It worked perfectly fine, didn't changed any settings and suddenly it can't connect. I've tried again this morning, same problem.


I've tried from my work computer, and it works fine.

Sam, yes i keep getting error 117 when trying to login, even with my firewall turned off.

I've been experiencing the same kind of problems since yesterday.

Just suddenly pops up with "This action is not possible in offline mode." as well as random errors in the 100-130 range.

Edit: I also recently started paying for my service. Up until now everything have been running smooth.

Am using Spotify free and these problems have caught up with me too, (coincidentally?) since I upgraded to latest version. Been through the clean reinstall, firewall checking etc etc. Usually it tells me it can't log in (error 117) but from time to time it logs me in then plays the odd song, then dumps me offline with "Connection lost. Reconnecting... (error code:117). Ironically, if I leave it alone, after several minutes it will go back online and play normally for a while before doing the same thing again. Nothing else connecting to the internet on this desktop PC (Windows 7) gives me any connection issues.


So many people seem to be having these issues yet no feedback from Spotify? Come on guys!




Same here, tried everything, firewall off, virus scanner off, but Spotify stays offline and gives errors. Please someone from Spotify help! 

Same here, Trying to make playlists for holiday and it keeps giving error messages (114,117). Was working fine yesterday before the update.. seriously guys, come on and at least update the twitter @Spotifystatus to let us know you know there is a problem and your trying to find a solution. I will be cancelling my subscription unless there is better support. Thank you

Can somebody help me? Trying to get reconnected with spotify, but it keeps on saying ''off line''. I've got a premium subscription. Can't find a helpdesk, proper instructions to reset.. whatever! Expect that Spotify will contact me to reset my account. 

Bieneke Verheijke.

Since two days, after an update, same problems here.

Can't make connection. Error 117. (Check your proxy and firewall.)

I checked my internet connection and it's perfect.

I have got a Spotify Unlimited account.


No solution yet. Someone else?

I haven't been able to connect to Spotify all day. Error code 102 and 117. When will this be fixed?





This is what i've been wrestling with since this mornings last "new and (presumably) improved Spotify client/applicatoin update.

Spotify client or App whatever 20120725.png

it is complete and utterly useless crap when it's simply refusing to go back online, it doesn't even have a simple equalizer or at least a "tone setting like all amplifiers have, you know Bass and Treble


I've been unable to get online eventhough I have spoify Unlimited

Just copied this from my Spotify subscription page 2 mins ago max.


Subscription status

You have an active Spotify Unlimited subscription. Your subscription will automatically renew and you will be charged € 4,99 on 2012-08-01 unless you cancel your recurring payment.

My spotify subscriptionpage 20120725 pt B.png


Guess what i'm gonna do if the applicatin keeps telling me that i cannot play that title in OFfLINE MOoD_E.


As a generic mediaplayer this app sucks, When i wanna play music from my own off line nusic collection Spotify is NOT my mediaplayer of choice VLC media player and sometimes Winamp are and they're free of 5 Euros a month fees to listen to your own collection.

Just stop making dumb excuses and giving tips a 2 week old corpse can figure out these days.


LIke: "Check that your router bla bla, and bla bla Firewall bla Anti virus spyware and Anti Spotify software settings, if it worked last night and nothing changed EXCEPT (hey what a strange coincidence a newer UPDATED version was installed) whether i liked it or not, after restart the thing just shoves its "new and improved" version down your throat.

As said stop giving useless beginner level tips that are obviously not working because the mentioned "suspected cullprits" haven't changed SPOTIFY DID, so Spotify should FIX IT!!

Hey, Spotify always provide those at start. However, I do not know why.

Yeah, same nonsense over here. Tried the clean reinstallation numerous times, firewall off, etc etc, no results. 


It is getting quite frustrating. 

seems they are working on the problem :smileywink:

Working agai. For now anyway!

Working for me now too, thanks guys 🙂

Having problems again

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