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Re: Spotify keeps opening on startup [Windows 10]

Re: Spotify keeps opening on startup [Windows 10]

This is not a spotify issue, it's a Windows 10 bug that was supposed to act like a "feature":


Old behavior:

  • When you shut down your PC, all apps are closed

  • After reboot/restart, you have to re-open any app you'd like to use

New behavior:

  • When shutting down your PC, any open apps are "bookmarked" (for lack of a better word)
  • After reboot/restart, these apps will re-open automatically

If you want to start with no apps open (other than those set to auto-start via Task Manager/Start), you'll need to ensure all apps are closed before shutting down or restarting the PC.


I don't know about you, but I'm too lazy and am not going to close all my apps, one aften another, before I shutdown my PC. This is 2019, things should just work.


There are multple ways of solving this, but the most robust one is to create a shortcut in your startup menu to manually shutdown/restart your PC while forgoing on this annoying "feature". Here's a guide on how to do this, follow the method in Option 2(a) and then you can place your shortcuts in your startup folder (e.g. %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs).

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It very much was a Spotify issue, but it has since been resolved back when
I first posted this. Roundabout solutions like the one you provided are
exactly what I was trying to avoid.

Can not confirm that it's been fixed. Keeps happening here. It's disabled in both the program and in task manager.


Windows 10 build 17763.

Spotify Windows Store version.

Same, happens on all my three Windows devices despite the NO flag... 

Hey all!


Could you try this Microsoft article to disable startup apps. 

Try to do a quick reinstallation and make sure to set off Spotify's startup behaviour in it's Advanced Settings and let me know the following if it did not help.


  • Your device
  • Your Windows version (find it using the Run window with the command winver)
  • Spotify version

It'll be investigated and you'll be able to get up-to-date here. Looking forward to your replies!


Have a nice day.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for all your reports regarding the desktop app launching on Windows on startup.


If this issue occurs for you, we'd recommend following the steps @Loxer has mentioned here, making sure that you've selected to not launch Spotify at startup. You can do that from the app's Settings Show advanced settings > Startup and Window Behaviour.


You can also try a quick reinstall of the app and installing any pending software and driver updates on your device.


If none of these do the trick, make sure to add your +VOTE to stay updated. We'd like some additional information  (if you haven't left it already) so we can get this reported to the right folks:

  • Your device and its OS version
  • The exact version of the Spotify app
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Hey folks,


We haven't heard from you in a while! As a result, we're going to move this thread back to the help boards.


If you're still experiencing this issue, make sure to open a new thread and we'll get back to you there.



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