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Rearranging Play on PC

Rearranging Play on PC

After spotting a few forum topics asking for helping on rearranging tracklisting on PC, and finding those answers a little incomplete
I thought I'd add this topic.....

I am using Spotify Desktop App on Windows 10 and its 2018

It looks like you can not sort playlists on Web browser but you can using desktop app.
However, its not immidately obvious and takes a bit of fiddling around... so .....

On a playList in desktop App,
If you click on-to Or close-to "Title, "Artist" OR time added symbol , then the tracks are sorted by that crietria,
and a little carat ^ apears to show whether you have sorted ascending or decsending by that citeria.
If you click on "title" several times slowly then that carat should disappear and then no sorting is in force.
Now you can click on a track and then click and drag it; as you drag down or up a horizontal green line should appear
( against that black backgorund) to indicate a postion that you can drop the track to.


The top searched-for item in google is not fully clear about this and has a couple of useless answers,
and anyway that topic is locked.
Hopefully this helps soemone. I lost plenty of time with thsi becasue I was trying first on web browser and tehn struggling with app.

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