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Recommended Songs Not Playing

Recommended Songs Not Playing

I got a new computer at work - Windows 10 Enterprise, Dell Intel Core i7. I downloaded the software/app on my computer to listen to Spotify (like I have for years - without issues). But now, I cannot listen to any of my recommended tracks, any radio stations, and podcasts. Nothing. All I can listen to is the stuff I have saved from my phone to my account. When I click things that are "new" or that I want to explore (like the recommended tracks), they highlight in green but nothing plays. There is no music. There are no pictures. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify and that doesn't fix it. I am limited with the "administrative" options as this is my work computer. I am a premium member. I also noticed that I can no longer view "stations". I keep getting a "your stations aren't available. Please try again later". I also cannot play and podcasts. So basically, what it looks like to me, is that anything I save from my phone to my account - I can listen to on the computer. But I cannot search or play anything on the computer if I hadn't already saved it from my phone. So it leads me to think it's something with this new computer that I can't seem to figure out... Why is it blocking so much activity/causing so many issues in Spotify? Please help! I really want to listen to "new" things...
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