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Remove local files from Spotify playlists

Remove local files from Spotify playlists

I have created a playlist with many songs, and realized that there are some local files i have on there. Is there a way i can match those to loca lfiles I already have on my computer?

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Hello: If you add local files into the desktop app, the app usually but sometimes poorly will attempt to link your local music files added into the app to music content in the spotify service. Normally what happens when local files are linked with spotify content all song content information will turn white and you can click and navigate to the spotify content. Meaning the artist names and album names all turns white and can be click on inside the app to take you to the artist content it is linked to. If local file content remains grey either the music is not available to you in the service or the locals files tagging is not being picked up by the spotify service correctly for linking purposes and is just being bypassed and ignored. Did any of this help you?

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