Repeat One turning off with selection of new song


Repeat One turning off with selection of new song





On Spotify desktop for Windows, but also for all other environments, the repeat one functionality seems odd to me. When repeat one is on and a new song is selected, the selection turns to just repeat (which just ensures that music keeps playing). I personally like to listen to a song for a while on loop, then change to a new song, and it's annoying to have to re-select the button each time to loop the song I requested. However, I know that some people do enjoy the current functionality, so my proposed solution would be to add in a toggle in the settings, for something like "persistant repeat one". This would simply toggle the functionality between what it is now and keeping repeat one on until the user disables it. This would allow people to be able to decide their own preferences, rather than having the repeat functionality be one way or another.