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About a month ago I made a post ( ) none of the answers solved my problem. 

What I've been doing every time I want to use Spotify in my computer is to run the full installer, that's the only way to make it work and it only does for a couple times, the first, I use the old default Spotify version, then, it updates (not even to the newest version where I could edit my playlists' cover for example) and then it doesn't launch, so I have to repeat this process everyday.

Please, help me.

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Hi @JairoVR,


Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Spotify.


I am unsure on what your issue is, please could you explain, then I can help you 🙂



Hi @thomas_wilson

About a month ago my Spotify was working well, then one day an upgrade installed and then the program couldn't launch anymore, I double-clicked the icon in my desktop but it never opened. I tried uninstalling it and installing again, then on Safe Mode and it appeared to be working but it's just a temporary solution.

When I use the full installer, the old version of Spotify works once. Next time it updates to a newer version (not the newest though as I can't fully edit my playlists) and when I close it, everything goes back to the start: the icon's in the desktop but it just doesn't open so I have to run the full installer again. 😕 I really don't know what else I can do.




It doesn't update to the newest? Reinstall using the download link under this link here.

That should install the newest version.


Let us know how it goes! 🙂



@SebastVAIO Hi, I tried that and it didn't work. See, the problem is that every time Spotify updates to the "newest" version, I can't launch the program. I click and click the icon on my desktop but it doesn't open, that's why I have to use the full (and old) installer to make it work just a couple times.

Ah, it won't open...
Try it in compatibility mode. It's when you right-click on the icon and select Properties and go to Compatibility tab: tick 'Run in compatibility mode for' and select something (Windows 7 as example). You may try ticking the "Run this program as an administrator" too, if the previous didn't work yet.


Let me know if that makes a difference.



@SebastVAIO It didn't work. 😕

Alright, that's weird indeed.

You're not the only one though, someone posted an issue on this, so there might be updates posted there.

Some have solved it by manually accessing and deleting the whole %AppData%/Spotify folder... But I am pretty sure you've done that.


Also, there are methods on how to force the desktop app to stay on the version that works for you.
It is by navigating to the %AppData%/Spotify folder and creating a new blank text document named as spotify_new, save it there, and then rename the .txt to .exe.
For that you have to allow seeing common file extensions (Folder and Search Options).
Then right-click on that file, choose Properties and put a tick in front of "read-only".
If there already are some spotify_new files, delete those.



@SebastVAIO Hi, it's good to know I'm not the only one having this issue, it's really annoying. I tried the blank text thing and it worked, now tha pp launches correctly, still, it's not the latest version (the one where you can edit your playlists' covers or description) but I hope this gets fixed soon. Thank you very much!

@SebastVAIO Well, the whole Spotify_new.exe thing doesn't work anymore, I'm back to where I started. 😕

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